Hospitality of Hida where ingredients shine

Hida beef, cool altitudes vegetables and wild plants, Hida of very beautiful scenery including fruit are treasure houses of ingredients. Furthermore, we make use of geographical advantage called approximately one and a half hours in car to the Sea of Japan, and dish which put fresh fishery products of the Sea of Japan together is only handmade special dish which seasonal was particular about.
You can thoroughly enjoy many kinds of delicacies to the full.

Morning low dining table

Morning low dining table 1
Breakfast prepares Japanese dishes which centered on pickled vegetables or delicacy.
"Hoba-miso" to make with Hoba which is high in local fragrance and secret homemade miso again,
It is popular one of hometown pride for season.

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Night low dining table

Night low dining table 1
Spring wild plants, fish of mountain stream, autumn mushrooms, beef ... of Hida
Riches of the soil brought up in Nature "Hida" and fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan.
Please give me "sum" banquet dishes fun of Hida of chef pride that we made use of geographical advantage in.
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Seasonal single dish

Single dish 1 of season
  • Single dish 2 of season
  • Single dish 3 of season
  • Single dish 4 of season

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