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Ground for exclusive use of soccer among Nature

Exercise scenery

Also, in FOOTBALL GARDEN (contact open space), you use to many people every year from whole country each place as the site of national polity and boy soccer meets as soccer camp and exercises place such as camping and member of society team of club team of J League, university student team.
Ground has three high quality nature turf grounds which was particular about management thoroughly and one artificial turf ground.
In addition, we can perform enriched high quality exercise and meeting as professional team is equipped with the accommodations to stay at and bathing facility, facilities that natural hot spring springs out.

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    Guidance of ground for exclusive use of soccer

    Hidafurukawa contact open space MAP

    WA/WB ground

    WA ground: 10,600 square meters in area / winter turf
    WB ground: 10,600 square meters in area / summer turf

    The superlative degree of our area, the largest ground! It is ground of perfect nature turf of management.
    We can play at ease while feeling air of nature by area that soccer coats (for adult) form a line two and get.

    V ground

    9,500 square meters in area / summer turf

    Summer grass court same as WB ground!

    X ground

    10,600 square meters/ in area mechanic turf

    Ground of artificial turf to be able to always enjoy.
    Artificial turf ground which various uses including ground golf can enjoy.
    It is available from child to adult widely.

    Five charm of contact open space

    The camping use results

    9, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party18, Heiseijiefuyunaidetto Ichihara, Chiba party
    10, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party19, Heiseijiefuyunaidetto Ichihara, Chiba party
    11, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party20, Heiseijiefuyunaidetto Ichihara, Chiba party
    12, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party21, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    13, Heiseijiefuyunaidetto Ichihara, Chiba party22, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    14, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party24, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    15, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party25, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    16, Heiseijiefuyunaidetto Ichihara, Chiba party26, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    17, HeiseiNagoya Grampus Eight party
    • Nagoya Grampus Eight
    • Jef United Chiba
    • FC Gifu
    • Aichi FC
    • JSP
    • Falco Gifu
    • JUVEN
    • Orient maintenance


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