Guidance in hall

We do the first-floor the second-floor guide in hall

The front desk

Front desk 1
The hall made in the image of old folk house of Hida is opening-like space in massivity that beam and white wall of tree composing type are characteristic.
  • Front desk 2
  • Front desk 3

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Restaurant Katsura

Restaurant 1, Katsura
It is meal meeting place of visitor having you stay.
While you see courtyard feeling taste of the four seasons, you can eat dish.
  • Restaurant 2, Katsura
  • Restaurant 3, Katsura

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Large meeting room, large banquet room "hinoki"

Large meeting room, large banquet room "hinoki"
Multipurpose hall which is available for more than 40 meetings and banquets
[113.4 square meters of 55 tatami]

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Banquet room "Japanese oak, wisteria"

Banquet room "Japanese oak, wisteria"
Two-room suite Japanese-style room to use by banquets approximately 20
[71.28 square meters of 33 tatami]

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Meeting room "cherry tree"

Meeting room 1
Room to be able to use for meeting or waiting room
[52.42 square meters]

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Recommended experience-based tour
Contact open space

Delicious water and clean air
Hot-spring hotel of Hida Takayama

Hotel of seasonal Aya
Hotel Kikori
1400-1, Furukawachokurouchi, Hida-shi, Gifu

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