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Guidance of forest tour plan of sky life

We prepared for convenient, advantageous plan to participate in "forest tour of sky life" of extreme popularity, and to stay at popular hotel "hotel season hometown" in Hidafurukawa.
Healing spot that can enjoy beautiful flower ganado Nature such as huge tree of Katsura where sky life prefectural nature park authorized by "treasure of Gifu" is said to be 300-500 years years old or virgin forest, skunk cabbage or anemone of beech. Natural guide shows around forest.

Hotel season Kori that thoroughly enjoys delicious thing and hot spring of Hida, and can take a rest slowly. In pre-night, back stay is available.


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Delicious water and clean air
Hot-spring hotel of Hida Takayama

Hotel of seasonal Aya
Hotel Kikori
1400-1, Furukawachokurouchi, Hida-shi, Gifu

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