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Hida Shangri-la hot spring is "name hot water" which continues being loved by local people.
Hot water of this hotel takes keratin of skin by effect of alkaline simple spring and can expect fair skin effect.
In addition, you can enter body toward the elderly person in peace kindly because stimulation does not include strong ingredient.
Both heart and body can be relaxed among warmth of tree.

Ingredient, effect of hot spring

senon 31.1 degrees (154 liters/m)
Spring quality Simple spring (hypotonicity alkalescent low temperature spring) water-clear unscented dim bitterness
Effect Muscular pain, relieving fatigue, poor circulation, chronic digestive organ disease, neuralgia, arthralgia, healthy increase including stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age
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Delicious water and clean air
Hot-spring hotel of Hida Takayama

Hotel of seasonal Aya
Hotel Kikori
1400-1, Furukawachokurouchi, Hida-shi, Gifu

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