Guest room

Consideration to have you spend time relaxedly

Guest room prepares for 24 Western-style rooms (twin) and Japanese-style room three.
We keep the close attention in mind for all the staff days so that each room, visitor can relax comfortably.

Japanese-style room

Japanese-style room image 1
Look around courtyard, and Japanese-style room where three rooms become limited to is special room where occasions are felt most in the four seasons.
In extensive space, relaxation part becomes 10 tatami.
The use of Japanese-style room is four people capacity, but becomes available to 2-5 people if you can talk.
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  • Japanese-style room image 3
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Western-style room

Western-style room image 1

  • Western-style room image 2
  • Western-style room image 3

It becomes standard room of hometown for season.
It becomes approximately 8 tatami in 14 tatami, relaxation part in the whole room.
In addition, it becomes calm interior based on tree and can see the magnificent mountains and country scenery of quiet Hida from window.

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