Neighboring sightseeing

There are many tourist attractions in the outskirts.

This hotel leaves city area of Hidafurukawa a little, but there are a lot of recommended tourist attractions to be able to enjoy throughout the year in the outskirts. In addition, let alone Hidafurukawa, you can enjoy by car by car in a day to Shirakawa-go in neighboring Hida Takayama with two hours for approximately 30 minutes. Is a part, but you see recommended tourist attraction; of trip when can refer to, is happy.

Season hometown (woodcutter) neighboring recommended tourist attractions

The Hidafurukawa Seto River and white wall storehouse streetThe Hidafurukawa Seto River and white wall storehouse street
Scenery of the Seto River is the first tourist attraction in symbol of Hidafurukawa!
[car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Hida village forest cyclingHida village forest cycling
We can enjoy slow village forest cycling in Hidafurukawa.
[car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Furukawa festivalFurukawa festival
Raising drum of a lot of highlight is the best part every year for .20 days on April 19! [car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Hidafurukawa JanaHidafurukawa Jana
Jana (fish weel) who opens in clear stream, the Miya River flowing through town of Hidafurukawa in the Bon Festival of August.
[car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Orchard in blackOrchard in black
Peach and apple which climate peculiar to Hida Heights raised are sweet and are juicy.
[foot from this hotel approximately five minutes]
Sugo lionSugo lion (sugoshishi)
Lion dance performer to dedicate as Shinto ritual of autumn festival every year on September 5. We are appointed in important formlessness folk cultural assets of prefecture designation.
[car from this hotel approximately ten minutes]
Scenery of Tanada and ItakuraScenery of Tanada and Itakura
It is right original scenery of Japan. Charm of village healing from the five senses is good old scenery giving tiring heart.
[car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Sky life prefectural nature parkSky life prefectural nature park
We can sense nature which is magnificent, and is abyss full of high-rise moor, changes that alpine plant blooms in profusion bodily.
[car from this hotel approximately 20 minutes]
Fold style leaf skiing areaFold style leaf skiing area
We sense the finest powder snow and panoramic superb view bodily! Senior, snow boarder is satisfied very much, too!
[car from this hotel approximately 30 minutes]
Hida kawai skiing areaHida kawai skiing area
Lift waiting is skiing area of little-known spot of Hida without most, too. We can enjoy from beginner to senior!
[car from this hotel approximately 15 minutes]
Town walk of Hida KamiokaTown walk of Hida Kamioka
In Kamiokacho that prospered as town of mine, cityscape with charm opens as nostalgic town.
[car from this hotel approximately 30 minutes]
Rail mountain bikeRail mountain bike
We run through by exclusive mountain bike on rail of old railroad of Kamioka!
[car from this hotel approximately 30 minutes]

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Stretch out foot a little! Tourist attraction in the suburbs of Hida-shi

Cityscape that Hida Takayama is oldCityscape that Hida Takayama is old
Constant seller tourist attraction of Hida Takayama! It is recommended at night.
[car from this hotel approximately 40 minutes]
It is world heritage with flavor through the four seasons.
[car from this hotel approximately 120 minutes]
1,000 light temples1,000 light temples
The name is known as "temple of Japanese yen sky Buddha" widely.
[car from this hotel approximately 45 minutes]
Shin-Hotaka ropewayShin-Hotaka ropeway
Ropeway proud of scale of the second place that skywalk can enjoy from Shin-Hotaka Onsen to 2,156m above sea level of the world.
[car from this hotel approximately 120 minutes]
Kamikochi of approximately 1,500m above sea level among the beautiful mountains of the Northern Alps.
[car from this hotel approximately 100 minutes]
Hida University stalactite caveHida University stalactite cave
Passing away recommendation spot "Hida University stalactite cave" surrounded in mysterious atmosphere is the best part.
[car from this hotel approximately 90 minutes]

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